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jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Review: Nintendo Land

Ok this is just something incomplete but hell why not
So I got my Wii U on christmas!!!...and four months have passed since then, when I got it I bought New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land, and the topic of today is nintendo land, is it better than Wii Sports?, lets find out.

Story: none, Nintendo Land has you bulding your park and getting all kinds of statues and gadgets so it can look better, thats the closest to a story Nintendo Land has.

Now here is where Nintendo Land does truly shine, remember how Wii Sports had 5 minigames?, well Nintendo Land has 12 of them, 6 are Single-player and the other 6 are Multiplayer, and if you want to be completely honest, the single player ones arent that good but i"ll review each minigame.

Yoshi"s Tropical...thing: This is, easily, one of the worst minigames in the game, you have to draw on the gamepad so Yoshi can actually move, you draw his way into fruits and keys, and while the concept may seem all right, after some levels it gets really draining.

Takamaru"s Ninja Castle: boring, the controls are ok but it truly bores me.

F-Zero Twist thing: This is really fun, the controls are tight and awesome and the overall feeling of speed is great, this shows that a new F-Zero would be a lot of fun, right nintendo... RIGHT?!

Balloon Trip Breeze: Honestly, this isnt that bad, its works as a distraction and the music is really relaxing, its incredibly fun sometimes, one of my favorite single player minigames.

Donkey Kong Crash Course: Now THIS is awesome, the game is actually pretty challenging when you first play it because the controls are so unique, you truly take a while to master this game and you have fun while doing so, the level is so intense that you never feel really bored while playing it, the finest of the single player minigames.

Octopus Dancing. Dancing, just dancing.

Ok so those were the single player minigames, not bad, but not very special either, but now we are getting into the more interesting part of the game, the multiplayer minigames!

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