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jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

Opinion: Does Sonic need more characters?


BEGIN! (And yes for Month of Sonic I will write everything in blue font.)

Well the first article in Month of Sonic is going to be an opinion on something that could change a lot future Sonic games, multiple playable characters.

Look at that Tails Model!
Remember how everyone was tired of multiple characters after the disaster that was Sonic 06, and that was one of the refreshing factors that Unleashed had, that you played as Sonic and only Sonic, which was a nice change of pace from all this multiple gameplay styles but Sega started to ignore the other characters like in Sonic Colors where Tails could EASILY had been playable or in Sonic Generations where both Shadow and Tails had models which looked playable.

I mean in Sonic 3 and Knuckles you had 3 different characters to play with and they all played relativitly the same but had some diferences that made them play uniquely and fun, but in that game Sonic was actually the simplest character in that game because he lacked diferences aside from his shields abilities.

But they can actually try to make a new Sonic game and make Sonic keep the boost and make the other characters just have their own special abilities, it is actually a nice idea but remember Sonic Team, not too many characters.


See you later for a very special review...

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

SPECIAL 1000!!!!

Disclaimer: This is just a distraction before Month of Sonic, enjoy.

Allright everyone, we reached 1000 pageviews!!!, it may not seem like much but it is an important milestone to us, so to celebrate we are doing something diferent, Peabody and Dead-Pool present...

Allright, only one rule, only 1 game per franchise.

Number 15.
So if we can only pick 1 boss per franchise, what boss fight are we going to use from the Sonic universe?, i had to think between Egg Nega-Wisp, Metal Overlord, Perfect Gaia or Biohazard, and just because of
the orchestra and the fact that the battle itself is epic and fun im picking...

Through the game you use the powerups known as wisps, and in this battle you fight this wisps but now in a more powerful and evil stage, it uses the wisps powerups to attack in many ways, you have to avoid his attacks and then homing attack his body, and charge into it with the boost!, doing so you will rescue the wisps, when you rescue 5 of the wisps, the phase 2 will began and you will hear an epic, orchestral remix of "reach for stars" will start playing, then you rescue the final wisp, use the wisps "unlimited power", homing attack and the boss will end, this battle is incredibly epic but the 15th spot is because it is kinda easy and the boss is short, but still it is enjoyable and epic.

Number 14.
This game is from a very famous PlayStation game, is called Jak 3, the game that finishes the great trilogy of Jak, and the game ends good with a good boss....

Jak 3 was a fun and very awesome game, with a final boss like this to end the great trilogy, just epic. The battle was easy, but the theme has that apocalyptic feel, The only thing that he will do is shoot you a laser that is easy to dodge, and he can summon some henchman but those are really easy to take down. The Dark Maker is in this place because, besides the fact that the fight has an epic theme, the battle was kinda easy for a final boss.

Number 13.
Pokemon Gold and Silver are some really nice games, the fact that there are 2 region to explore is awesome,  you can fight 16 gym leaders!, if you beat all of them you can access the last part of
Kanto, Mt. Silver, and at the end of your Kanto exporation you fight a familiar foe...

Yes, i picked Red from the Gold and Silver remakes, Heartgold and Soulsilver, this battle is amazing just from the magnitude of this battle, you are fighting your own character from Red, Blue and Yellow, his team is no joke, having the 3 Kanto starters at 80+ levels, a lv88 Pikachu, a Snorlax and a Lapras, this battle is amazing because at your first time fighting him, you feel so equal, the music is just so amazing and epic, a fight to remember and I chose the remake because it overall looks and plays better.

Number 12.
God of war series probably is one of the best greek mythology"s game ever created, but the third one is just amazing, before this fight with this monster you have to defeated all the gods of Olympus.....

For me, this is the best game of 2010, it has an incredible story, but the boss was another thing.
The battle takes a long time but you are going to enjoy it. The fight is a bit hard, there are 3 parts, the first one is in a 2D battlefield, you have to do a lot of counter-attacks and you have to be very defensive. Then you are going to have a little battle,you can use your magic to defeat him quickly, in the final part first you are going to fight inside Gaia and then you will see like a path of blood and after that you kill him.

Number 11. Remember how Banjo Tooie is my favorite N64 game?, well in this game there are a lot of bosses and they all are diferent and awesome, but the final boss..., oh boy...

Now THIS is a final boss, when this battle begins Gruntilda has 100hp and she has a total of 10 stages, she shoots lazers, fireballs, floods everything with toxic gas, tries to drill through you, spins around with lazers, and asks you quiz questions!!
there are a lot of attacks and this battle is going to be long considering each shot hurts 1hp, (Ice and Fire eggs hurt 2hp and Granade eggs 3hp), each time you take 10hp from her, her stage changes, and when shes down to 1hp she enters her final phase and shoots you incredibly powerful purple fireballs, but after hitting her one last time, she meets her demise, awesome fight Rare, awesome fight.

Number 10:
You know that my favourite game of PS2 is Resident Evil 4 and the bosses are amazing and the final boss, just amazing.....

This boss probably got the best transformation in the Resident Evil series, is like a giant spider and his eye is in his MOUTH. Before you fight against him, you have to see if you got more than one First Aid Spray, because the fight isnt easy. The best effective way to kill him is, first of all you have to shoot on the eyes in his knees. The fight is really good and theme is not bad, better than other Resident Evil games. It is in this place because it is shorter that I expected.

Number 9: Portal is an amazing game and definetly one of Valve personal gems, and when a game is succesful you make a sequel, and Portal 2 is even better!.

This is a final boss that has a little of everything, when you arrive you feel all these diferent things, hatred to Wheatley, desperation at seeing aperture science getting destroyed, surprised at the fact you have to fight him ,confusion... many diferent things, through the battle you truly have to think and when everything is getting destroyed you see the cealing destroyed and you can see the moon, and you think... "no freaking way" and then you shoot the portal...

Number 8
Batman: Arkham City is a great game including that this game is the game of the year 2011, the bosses are really good, someone better than other, but the final boss is other thing.......

This boss fight is really good, takes place after killing the "fake" Joker, he is giant comparing to Batman and he is stronger than Batman, but look on the good side, he"s very VERY slow. But it doesnt matter if he is slow, the fight is hard and more than unusual for  a Batman boss, the most anoying thing of the battle is when he take out his clay friends and they attack you. This fight is awesome but i just feel the next bosses are better.

Number 7: Wanna know about a certain game that has really good boss fights?, well if you do, check out the Mario and Luigi RPG series, and one of this final bosses just gets the crown for me...

This battle defines EPIC, you are fighting in the middle of dark clouds against your shadow doppelganger, when the battle begins you have to attack Dark Bowser with all you got, but he has a big variety of powerful attacks such as stomping you or even shooting fireballs, when you damage him enough he grows bigger and then you have to punch him in the stomach so he drops the dark star core, then absorb him and let Mario and Luigi take on the dark star core, he shoots lazers and many other diferent attacks, after dealing with him, do this process one or two more times and he"s gone, the Number 7 spot belongs to Dark Bowser just because of the epicness of the fight..., and my god, THE MUSIC!!!.

Number 6:
For me, Devil May Cry 3 has one of the coolest endings, it has giant bosses that are strong, but his final boss......

Devil May Cry 3 is one of the jewels of the PS2, one of the hardest games made ever, with a final that changes the trilogy. I recommend to use Royalguard or Trickster style to beat him beacuse is really difficult to beat it.  I hope you have alot of health items collected in your inventory because you will need them, fortunately though, if you do die, there is no level to backtrack, you just start the fight with Vergil again, which is a bonus.

Number 5: wow, we made it into the top 5 already!, well you must be wondering where are the Zelda bosses?, well Zelda has truly some awesome final bosses but im giving the number 5 spot to...

Now many people will say this battle and this game are overrated, well screw you!, this game and this boss deserve all the love they get, after you defeat Ganondorf in an epic tennis match and run away from Ganon"s castle, from the bits and pieces from the castle Ganondorf rises up and with his last breath transforms into the gigantic ganon, he drops your master sword and locks you in a fire bordered arena, with the help of your items you have to hit Ganon"s tail, he will attack you with his swords,, when you hit him enough the fire dissapears and you recover the master sword, then hit him a bit more and give him the final blow!, AWESOME!

Number 4:
2011, a year that bringed us a lot of good games, but THE GAME was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game which bringed us the medieval life again and got a Dragon as a final boss called....

The game is awesome, the final.... well this game dont have end, take place in the final principal mission, they are like 200 secondary missions, maybe more. The fight is hard, you have to take a good armor before killing him, maybe a Daedric Armor, you also need magic and a good shield the dragon is enourmus and his attacks are destructive. I recomend you before fight this Dragon, put the theme song of Skyrim "Dragonborn" and you will be more motivated.

Number 3:The final fantasy series has always been special to me, the game they do are fun and loveable, and the bosses are always a fun and interesting challenge, but man, there is one that just breaks this scale...

After the destruction of the world caused by Kefka and you recover your party members, you have to fight your way to get to Kefka and save the world from even more destruction, after fighting 3 diferent bosses that all kinda reference the Divine Comedy, you get to Kefka (who is now a Magic God) and fight 3 stages of Kefka while "Dancing Mad" plays in the background, this battle has everything, meaning, epicness, dificulty, good job Square, good job.

Number 2

Metal Gear Solid 4, for me, the best game ever made for a Playstation system, an incredible final, his history is memorable, and his final boss, just amazing......

OHHHH METAL GEAR SOLID 4, best game ever made in PS3, the history of the game is exiting and sad,  and his final boss is just incredible. You fight against Liquid Snake, an old friend of Snake, this is not a classic fight with guns and vehicles, NO! this fight is barehanded, punch to punch. The fight is so amazing, it has nostalgic moments that can remind you of older Metal Gear Solid games, such as fighting poses and strikes, and that last punch is just the perfect ending to the Metal Gear Solid series, I would put this on number one but if you have played the next game, you would be agree.

Number 1:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best final boss in videogame history, this one has a bit of everything, and it its...


My god, Malus, remember this is the final colossus you need to kill, and they are not even attacking!!!, it feels so bad to kill him, and in the way to slaying him, but then while jumping off a bridge, the bridge breaks and your Horse (Agro) sacrifices herself to save your life and you lose your only partner in this journey...

But then there is not turning back now, you start climbing him, and he"s GIGANTIC, but while you climb Malus all this thoughts come flying to your mind, like "Is killing all this colossi worth it?" or "Can I trust Dormin?"

You have to climb, A LOT, and while you are climbing Malus will attack you, you have to climb to the top and then shoot him, this battle truly is epic, you are fighting for everything you care about and the battle itself is epic and emotional

This was Top 15 Final Bosses... See you later.

-Peabody and Dead-Pool

martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Come back soon

Hey guys, Dead-Pool here to say you something. First of all I want to apologize for havent uploaded anything these past few days but as you know, I'll be gone in a few days to a trip so I dont have enough time to work on this blog but I wanted to let you know that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and also I wish you a happy new year and also I wanted to say thanks to all of you guys because we werent the only ones who did grow this, YOU TOO, we have more than 1000 views and you did that. I'll be back in February and I'll post everything I can think of. Well that was all they wanted to say.


Month of Sonic!!!

Well January has just begun and so has Month of Sonic, but... Im really tired and this will begin in Thursday, be ready because many content is coming up!!!

Happy New Year!!!