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lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Impressions: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Now THIS is a topic I have been very interested on talking about, i now I finally have the chance to talk about it, so at the now famous Luigi based Nintendo Direct many games were revealed, including the new installment in the Mario and Luigi series: Dream Team.

Well I want to start saying that the game, graphicwise looks awesome,the environments match perfectly with the 3D and they truly made the 3DS shine.

In terms of the game I cant say much but to be honest I really like the idea of making Luigi more important in this game, Luigi has been in Mario"s shadow for a long time and the idea of making a Luigi based-year is pretty sweet.

I always loved the Mario and Luigi RPG series, so this game is completely welcome in my book, come on Nintendo!, do it for Luigi!