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jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Opinion: Used Games

Used Games, has its advantages and disadvantages, for some it seems a wonderful thing and for others a waste of time, here's my opinion....

I love buying used games because they are cheaper and they are exactly the same as a new one but a sealed game has many more privileges than a used one because they are sealed.

There"s rumors about the Next Gen Consoles, that says the games are going to have like an activation code, so in that way, if you buy a used game of the Next Gen Console probably you have to pay for another activation code , but is only one of thousands rumors about the Next Gen Consoles.

Conclusion: I think that buying used games is much better than buying a sealed one because with the money that expend on a seled one, you can buy li three used ones, so for me buying used games is a great alternative if you want old games and cheaper.

So guys, What"s your opinion about the used games? Leave it in the comments.