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martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

First Impressions: Yoshi U

Allright, so in January 23th Nintendo revealed many interesting things, including both a Wind Waker remake (which I"ll talk about in a few days) and a new Yoshi based game on the Wii U, and what do I think about that game? lets find out.

Well even though i wasnt the biggest fan of Kirby"s epic yarn but I liked the creativity it had and the certain charm it had, I think that graphicwise Kirby"s epic yarn had a beautiful art style so seeing something like it again is completely welcome.

However that doesnt mean I think that I think Yoshi"s Epic Yarn (I"m going to call the Yoshi game like that by the way) is going to be amazing, in fact im probably ignoring if it has the same life system from Kirby Epic Yarn (You cant die in Kirby Epic Yarn) and many people will say "The fact that you cant die doesnt mean there is no challenge" but Epic Yarn just bored me.

I hope they bring new elements and gameplay mechanics to the table and most importantly, GET RID OF THE BABY MARIO CRYING SOUND EFFECT!

-Im very interested in buying this game, I loved Yoshi"s Island and something tells me this game will also be completely awesome and creative.