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jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Opinion: Rayman Legends delayed.

Hello everyone!, Im sorry for being away for a couple of weeks, but now we are back at full force!, and to begin, I shall talk about a topic that infiuriates even the most calmed gamer, the delay of rayman legends...

Well in terms of the game im sure its still going to be enjoyable and fresh, but come on Ubisoft!, this game was already finished and people sacrificed a lot of time just to get this game going in February!, and you are just both doing damage to your fans and to the studio that made this game!

Also the fact that the wii U is LITERALLY empty in terms of new games but people at the very least knew that Rayman Legends was a consolation, WELL ITS NOT ANYMORE, thanks Ubisoft, thanks.

It does anger me that they delayed this game, but at the same time i understand why, the studio that made the game needs all the money they can get, BUT COME ON UBISOFT!.

And in apologies for the delay, i"ll be making an impressions post today in a few hours, see you then!