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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Impressions: Pokemon Gen VI

On January 10th, a trailer was revealed of the next generation of Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y, and yesterday some new information was also revealed, what do I think about it?, lets find out.

First of all, Pokemon X and Y:

Now this looks awesome, the 3D environments look really cool and it makes me really happy to see Pokemon evolve, The new battle interface is awesome and the new pokemon look all right, but it angers me to see people that complains about Pokemon going 3D, which i have to reply "Its called evolution, Mario is not 8-BIT anymore, why should Pokemon stay like normal instead of trying something new?".

Fennekin looks pretty cool and i like Chespin"s design, I don"t really like froakie but hey, thats my opinion, if you ask me im probably going to be choose Chespin to see what it evolves into, maybe a Grass/Dark?, who knows but I cant wait for X and Y to be released!

And Im probably going to buy Y because I love that mascot, looks awesome, And something tells me that new Eeveelution is going to be secretly a monster in terms of power.

Pokemon Rumble U:

All I got to say is, Im expecting a story like Pokemon Rumble Blast but not as repetitive and I hope the multiplayer is better Implemented.

See you later!


domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Opinion: Wind Waker U Remake

So yeah, with the new Yoshi game revealed a Remake of Wind Waker for the Wii U, and you know... im actually very interested on it!, but why is this?, lets find out.

Well in terms of time, im completely fine with this Remake because its just something to distract us with until the new Zelda comes out, I haven"t really played Wind Waker and this is a really good chance to enjoy it, im very interested in what Nintendo will do with the Gamepad, but I truly think that Wind Waker isn"t the best idea for a Zelda remake, I mean there were SO many options!, Majora"s Mask, A Link to The Past, Link"s Awakening... and the list goes on.

Im also hoping that they do a lot of new things in comparison to the Ocarina of Time remake, because that remake only had a few new things, I expect the return of the boss rush but who knows?, we might even get a multiplayer!(I hope...)


Im really excited for this remake, after all Wind Waker is still an amazing game and getting the chance of playing it with new things exites me!.

But what do you think?, speak in the comments.