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martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013


I know some people still enter this page and hope to one day see something new, but im dont feel the inspiration anymore, BUT if you manage to get the blog to 10,000 views then I swear i will come back. Just you wait.


lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Impressions: A Link to the Past 2

Well, the moment has arrived, its time to talk about the new Nintendo Direct, and being serious, the 3DS is really going to benefit from this year, we heard about many things, including more information about the new Mario and Luigi RPG, a new Yoshi"s island, Animal Crossing, but many fans (including me) watched this Nintendo Direct expecting information on the new zelda, and we got it!, but the trailer hasnt pleased all the fans, but what do i think about it?, lets find out.

This new zelda is a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, and i have no issue with that, A Link to the Past could really beneficiate from a sequel, however, that doesnt mean the decision of making the overworld pretty much the same is not a risky decision, because it can make it feel too similar to its predecessor.

But the biggest complain i have seen is the artstyle, perphaps maybe it looks goofy and different, but that doesnt make it bad!, remember how EVERYBODY complained about Wind Waker"s art style?, and then the game came out and everybody loved it, so we cant judge a game that we havent played yet.

In the trailer we were shown something very interesting, the game has a lot to do with angles and 3D and stuff which i guess makes sense because they need to use the power of the 3DS but it just looks goofy and weird, the sticking on walls thing is, well, something different.


While the game looks different, im still going to pick it up, its going to be awesome and im sure things will go all right.


jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Opinion: Used Games

Used Games, has its advantages and disadvantages, for some it seems a wonderful thing and for others a waste of time, here's my opinion....

I love buying used games because they are cheaper and they are exactly the same as a new one but a sealed game has many more privileges than a used one because they are sealed.

There"s rumors about the Next Gen Consoles, that says the games are going to have like an activation code, so in that way, if you buy a used game of the Next Gen Console probably you have to pay for another activation code , but is only one of thousands rumors about the Next Gen Consoles.

Conclusion: I think that buying used games is much better than buying a sealed one because with the money that expend on a seled one, you can buy li three used ones, so for me buying used games is a great alternative if you want old games and cheaper.

So guys, What"s your opinion about the used games? Leave it in the comments.


martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Impressions: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I have been interested in the Monster Hunter series for a while, considering how popular Monster Hunter 3 was in the Wii, and now monster hunter 3 ultimate came out in both the 3DS and the Wii U, i got my chance to try them out, and i did, i bought the 3DS versión.

Graphicwise the game looks ok, its just a Wii game with some makeover, but the monsters still look awesome and i got to say, the 3DS version looks pretty good for the 3DS.

And the gameplay, while amazingly fun, has Little to no sense of direction, after a couple of quests you left almost alone with no idea of what to do, I have no clue of where to go now or what to do so i followed Neko and i went to another island and tried to do a quest, and i REALLY mean that try, because after killing some easy dinosaurs a giant dinosaur popped up and killed me.


I recomend you pick it up, its pretty adictive and fun, getting started may not be the easiest thing but its worth it.


domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Retro-review: Kirby Dream Land

Well I havent done a review in a while but oh well, its time for a very quick yet nostalgic review, so in 1992 a very interesting game came out called Kirby"s dream land, this game is known to be the first step into one of the longest living series in all videogames, but as a game, does it hold up?, ehhh.... lets find out.


Well, its a game boy game so its pretty simple, defeat King Dedede and recover all the food that was stolen, its not Zelda complicated but hey, its something for a game boy game.


And this is the reason why you should avoid Kirby Dream Land, As kirby you can absorb things and spit them out, you can fly and crouch, and if you are asking if im missing something, im not, in this kirby game, you cant get powers, which really sucks (See what i did there?), i mean, i can understand why you cant get powerups because you know, this is the first kirby game and all, but it hasnt aged well thanks to that.

You can get some powerups to spit different things, but if you compare to kirby dream land 2 or Kirby Super Star, its just lacking, but in terms of the stages, there are a total of 5 stages. in each one you have to reach the end and fight a boss, with the last boss being King Dedede itself, no completion secret, no real final boss, nothing else except an extra mode that is actually really challenging.


Well it looks basic for the Game boy, nothing bad but not really good either, the sprites are ok and the backgrounds look nice.


Now this is the best aspect of this game, for a game boy game, KIrby Dream Land has some awesome tunes, Green Greens, the boss music, pretty good for a game boy game.

Replay Value:

Well Extra mode does have some replayability considering how fucking hard it is, but after that, there is actually nothing.


Well Kirby Dream Land is a game you should only try if are very interested, because as of 2013, ther e is no reason to even get close to this game, you may be asking why, well I only need to say 3 words

Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star has a remake of all Kirby Dream Land with color, better presentation and the fact that you can actually absorb the enemies and it also has 7 different games so instead of wasting your money on this game you should buy Kirby Super Star, seriously though buy Super Star, its awesome.

A 5 means the game is close to being bad but it isnt, its neither good or bad, may find some enjoyment.
See you later Guys!

jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Review: Nintendo Land

Ok this is just something incomplete but hell why not
So I got my Wii U on christmas!!!...and four months have passed since then, when I got it I bought New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land, and the topic of today is nintendo land, is it better than Wii Sports?, lets find out.

Story: none, Nintendo Land has you bulding your park and getting all kinds of statues and gadgets so it can look better, thats the closest to a story Nintendo Land has.

Now here is where Nintendo Land does truly shine, remember how Wii Sports had 5 minigames?, well Nintendo Land has 12 of them, 6 are Single-player and the other 6 are Multiplayer, and if you want to be completely honest, the single player ones arent that good but i"ll review each minigame.

Yoshi"s Tropical...thing: This is, easily, one of the worst minigames in the game, you have to draw on the gamepad so Yoshi can actually move, you draw his way into fruits and keys, and while the concept may seem all right, after some levels it gets really draining.

Takamaru"s Ninja Castle: boring, the controls are ok but it truly bores me.

F-Zero Twist thing: This is really fun, the controls are tight and awesome and the overall feeling of speed is great, this shows that a new F-Zero would be a lot of fun, right nintendo... RIGHT?!

Balloon Trip Breeze: Honestly, this isnt that bad, its works as a distraction and the music is really relaxing, its incredibly fun sometimes, one of my favorite single player minigames.

Donkey Kong Crash Course: Now THIS is awesome, the game is actually pretty challenging when you first play it because the controls are so unique, you truly take a while to master this game and you have fun while doing so, the level is so intense that you never feel really bored while playing it, the finest of the single player minigames.

Octopus Dancing. Dancing, just dancing.

Ok so those were the single player minigames, not bad, but not very special either, but now we are getting into the more interesting part of the game, the multiplayer minigames!

martes, 2 de abril de 2013

Impressions: Wonderful 101

Even though i have delayed the reviews for a long time and Dead-Pool is still taking a long time to make his opinion, fortunately the Impressions are still up and running, and I"m here to talk about one of the main stars of Platinum Games for this year, THE WONDERFUL 101!

Graphicwise the game looks amazing, everything looks colorful and every character and enemy has a lot of detail put into it, every single one of the heroes looks awesome and some of them even have some famous voice actors voicing them, im sure i heard Roger Craig Smith somewhere in the trailer...

But the gameplay is where the fun is, and The Wonderful 101 certainly has that área covered, this game definately looks like Pikmin and it plays like Pikmin but it does its own thing with all the weapons and different soldiers you can play as, it has a lot of energy and craziness going for it.

In conclusion The Wonderful 101 looks awesome, i havent tried it yet but im definately going to pick it up launch day and you should too.