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lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Impressions: A Link to the Past 2

Well, the moment has arrived, its time to talk about the new Nintendo Direct, and being serious, the 3DS is really going to benefit from this year, we heard about many things, including more information about the new Mario and Luigi RPG, a new Yoshi"s island, Animal Crossing, but many fans (including me) watched this Nintendo Direct expecting information on the new zelda, and we got it!, but the trailer hasnt pleased all the fans, but what do i think about it?, lets find out.

This new zelda is a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, and i have no issue with that, A Link to the Past could really beneficiate from a sequel, however, that doesnt mean the decision of making the overworld pretty much the same is not a risky decision, because it can make it feel too similar to its predecessor.

But the biggest complain i have seen is the artstyle, perphaps maybe it looks goofy and different, but that doesnt make it bad!, remember how EVERYBODY complained about Wind Waker"s art style?, and then the game came out and everybody loved it, so we cant judge a game that we havent played yet.

In the trailer we were shown something very interesting, the game has a lot to do with angles and 3D and stuff which i guess makes sense because they need to use the power of the 3DS but it just looks goofy and weird, the sticking on walls thing is, well, something different.


While the game looks different, im still going to pick it up, its going to be awesome and im sure things will go all right.