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martes, 2 de abril de 2013

Impressions: Wonderful 101

Even though i have delayed the reviews for a long time and Dead-Pool is still taking a long time to make his opinion, fortunately the Impressions are still up and running, and I"m here to talk about one of the main stars of Platinum Games for this year, THE WONDERFUL 101!

Graphicwise the game looks amazing, everything looks colorful and every character and enemy has a lot of detail put into it, every single one of the heroes looks awesome and some of them even have some famous voice actors voicing them, im sure i heard Roger Craig Smith somewhere in the trailer...

But the gameplay is where the fun is, and The Wonderful 101 certainly has that área covered, this game definately looks like Pikmin and it plays like Pikmin but it does its own thing with all the weapons and different soldiers you can play as, it has a lot of energy and craziness going for it.

In conclusion The Wonderful 101 looks awesome, i havent tried it yet but im definately going to pick it up launch day and you should too.


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