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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Retro-review: Kirby Dream Land

Well I havent done a review in a while but oh well, its time for a very quick yet nostalgic review, so in 1992 a very interesting game came out called Kirby"s dream land, this game is known to be the first step into one of the longest living series in all videogames, but as a game, does it hold up?, ehhh.... lets find out.


Well, its a game boy game so its pretty simple, defeat King Dedede and recover all the food that was stolen, its not Zelda complicated but hey, its something for a game boy game.


And this is the reason why you should avoid Kirby Dream Land, As kirby you can absorb things and spit them out, you can fly and crouch, and if you are asking if im missing something, im not, in this kirby game, you cant get powers, which really sucks (See what i did there?), i mean, i can understand why you cant get powerups because you know, this is the first kirby game and all, but it hasnt aged well thanks to that.

You can get some powerups to spit different things, but if you compare to kirby dream land 2 or Kirby Super Star, its just lacking, but in terms of the stages, there are a total of 5 stages. in each one you have to reach the end and fight a boss, with the last boss being King Dedede itself, no completion secret, no real final boss, nothing else except an extra mode that is actually really challenging.


Well it looks basic for the Game boy, nothing bad but not really good either, the sprites are ok and the backgrounds look nice.


Now this is the best aspect of this game, for a game boy game, KIrby Dream Land has some awesome tunes, Green Greens, the boss music, pretty good for a game boy game.

Replay Value:

Well Extra mode does have some replayability considering how fucking hard it is, but after that, there is actually nothing.


Well Kirby Dream Land is a game you should only try if are very interested, because as of 2013, ther e is no reason to even get close to this game, you may be asking why, well I only need to say 3 words

Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star has a remake of all Kirby Dream Land with color, better presentation and the fact that you can actually absorb the enemies and it also has 7 different games so instead of wasting your money on this game you should buy Kirby Super Star, seriously though buy Super Star, its awesome.

A 5 means the game is close to being bad but it isnt, its neither good or bad, may find some enjoyment.
See you later Guys!

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