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martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Impressions: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I have been interested in the Monster Hunter series for a while, considering how popular Monster Hunter 3 was in the Wii, and now monster hunter 3 ultimate came out in both the 3DS and the Wii U, i got my chance to try them out, and i did, i bought the 3DS versión.

Graphicwise the game looks ok, its just a Wii game with some makeover, but the monsters still look awesome and i got to say, the 3DS version looks pretty good for the 3DS.

And the gameplay, while amazingly fun, has Little to no sense of direction, after a couple of quests you left almost alone with no idea of what to do, I have no clue of where to go now or what to do so i followed Neko and i went to another island and tried to do a quest, and i REALLY mean that try, because after killing some easy dinosaurs a giant dinosaur popped up and killed me.


I recomend you pick it up, its pretty adictive and fun, getting started may not be the easiest thing but its worth it.


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