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viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Review: Paper Mario Sticker Star

In 2010 a trailer for a new Paper Mario game was annouced for the new 3DS, i was excited when it was annouced and I was ready to buy it, i was really hyped considering the last Paper Mario game didnt actually count as a Paper Mario game, so after a week of playing it non stop, what do i think about the game?, lets find out!


Kersti, your partner/helper

The story!:
This game begins with Mario, Peach and hundreds of toads celebrating a holiday called the Sticker Fest, that consists on a comet called the "Sticker Comet" and people making wishes so their wishes come true, when the comet falls Bowser tries to grab it which results in comet exploding in lots of stickers and 6 Royal Crowns, one of this crowns falls into Bowser and he transforms into Sticker Bowser, Mario tries to fight him but fails and everything gets wrecked, while investigating the wrecking Mario finds a Silver sticker crown called Kersti, she tells him that he needs to get the 5 royal Crowns to restore the Sticker Comet, the history is nice, not bad and the character of Kersti is not bad either.

The Gameplay!:

If you have played Paper Mario before, you should now how the gameplay works, well this game has a really diferent gameplay style, instead of leveling up and using special powers like the Crystal Stars or the Star Spirits, instead mario uses stickers to attack, this stickers come in a big variety, from Fire flowers to Special Hammer to even special jumps, the enemys you kill will give you money to buy stickers, back from the other Paper Mario games is the action commands, you can block an attack to reduce the damage or timing well your attacks to do extra damage.

This Paper Mario has something diferent, a level system and a world map, there is a main town in which you can buy stickrs and a diferent kind of sticker called Thing Stickers, these are really strong but you have to find them hidden between levels, you pick a level and you have to find a comet sticker thing, while searching it you have to fight enemies and resolve puzzles.

Its something really Diferent.

There are alternate exits in many levels and there are a total of 6 worlds, 5 of them being worlds in which you have to find the royal sticker and the last one being Bowser Castle/Land, at the end of each world you will find a boss wearing a Royal Sticker and you have to beat it.

A boss wearing a royal sticker.
But there are no partners in this game aside from Kersti which i dont count as a partner to begin with, many RPG elements are gone and the game is something diferent than the other paper mario games which doesnt make it bad but if you are playing this game for the RPG then you will be kinda dissapointed.

The Graphics!:
Doesnt he look amazing?
Now, let me get this out the way right now, this is the best looking Paper Mario game EVER, every background and sprite look amazing, the stickers look detailed and awesome, Mario looks overall better and i like all the sticker enemy designs, specially Sticker Bowser.

The detail is everywhere and it looks amazing, even for a 3DS game, you feel immersed in the paper mario world and thats an achievement, the 3D effect is ok but I personally dont use it that much.

The Music!:
While the music is not incredibly memorable, it is relaxing and quite nice to listen to, my favorite themes are the Delcalburg town and the boss fight themes are my favorite.

The Replay Value!:
There are quite some things to do after you finish the game and the game itself is replayable, not as much as the other ones but its still nice in terms of replayability.

While is not as good as the other games and the RPG system is barebones, if you look at the game for itself and for the sticker system and the game in general, it deserves a shot.

               A 7 means the game is pretty good, while not perfect the game is still enjoyable.

See you later everyone!, planing to review something really special, next time. DK64!



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