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viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Retro Review: Metal Slug X

Hey guys, its Dead-Pool here to bring you another retro-review, but this review is not like the others, this is about a PS1 game that starts in the classic game machines, with the classic controls, this game is called
METAL SLUG X!!!!!!!!

The story!

In general this game got the same story as Metal Slug 2 because this version isa remake, SNK(metal slug developer) made Metal Slug X with more weapons, the story is about a man called General Morden, the antagonist from the first game is back once more with his army, decided on taking over the world AGAIN. It is up to the Peregrine Falcon squad who are joined by two new characters: Eri Kasamoto and Fiollina Germi of the Sparrows Inteligence Unit, to save the day.

The gameplay!

In Metal Slug X, the gameplay is like the old ones, a 2D game based in war aspects, this is like Contra too, but this game got new features because this is a remake of the second one. In this game, the player can turn fat in various areas of the fame, instead of just on mission 4. There is also a new enemy called Dog Mummy, as well as a few variations of the Mummy that appeared in Metal Slug 3. 
Metal Slug Type - R.gif  The SV-001 got an upgraded version that is faster and can jump higher, and the Camel Slug"s   vulcan was slightly modified.

Character selection
In this game you can chosse between four awesome characters: Marco, Eri, Tarma and Fio. All are good options to play but i always use Tarma because for me is the coolest and his sunglasses are awesome. In general, all are the same but some of them got more speed, the story is the same for all characters.

The Keesi.png
In the end of all levels there"s 1 boss, the first of all is like a big airplane called The Kessi. The Kessi is a VTOL gunship meant to provide close air support to ground troops. It"s equipped with anti-air guns on its wings and also can throw you bombs HEAVY BOMBS
but their lenght is enough to carry support tanks on them.

FINALLY, when you beat all the levels and you get to the final of the mission 6, you have to beat THE RUGNAME......
Is something above me......
He acts as the Martian Mothership from which troops are dispatched. Its very heavy armored, and far too large to destroy with regular weapons. The Rugname"s massive size makes he an easy target, all you need to do is aim upwards. Because the cannon will always hit the same spot, the larger the larger threat is unlimited horde of mini-UFO gunning you. After a very long time fighting that beast, a rebel in a Eaca-B will make a kamikaze attack into the core, making it retreat.

The graphics!

This has very good graphics compared to the old ones, the backgrounds and sprites look amazing and the bosses looks detailed For an old game, is very detailed, all look kinda realistic for a game in the PS1.

The music!

In this game the music cant be heared good because all you heard is the PIU PIU PIU of the weapons and explosions. But if you heard carefully you are going to heard a good war song that get you pumped.

The replay value!

You can do a lot of things after beating the game like collecting all the weapons and ride all vehicles that you want. This game is really fun and you can beat it a lot of times LIKE ME, i beat this game like 10 times and i never get bored.

Conclusion. If you got a PS1 and you want to play a game for long time, buy this game and get fun with it.


A 7 means the game is pretty good, while not perfect the game is still enjoyable.

See you later in my next review, top ten or any idea came to my mind


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