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viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Impressions: Sonic and All stars Racing Transformed

Sonic has always tried to have a good racing game, it began with Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2 and they suck. then Sonic R came out and it was OK but it wasnt really a stellar racing game, but THEN in 2010 Sonic and Sega All stars racing which i really enjoyed, i taught sega was going the right way and anxious for a sequel, and the sequel came out 2 months ago and i tried it out, what do i think about it?, lets find out.

Well the gameplay is pretty much the same but it has some new things that are actually quite interesting, the vehicles idea reminds a lot of Mario Kart 7 but its actually well implemented, dont get me wrong i love Mario Kart 7(in fact im planning a review on february) but in that game the whole "transformation" thing was just for show, in Sonic and All stars the way the transformation gates are done make them much more effective.

The new characters are allright, im really happy to see Nights and Gillius, and i think AGES is hilarious but im still angry at sega for not including ristar and making him the flagman, and the way of unlocking characters SUCKS, i mean i loved how you unlocked them in Sonic and Sega all stars racing but the stars system is horrible.

I love the tracks variety this time around and the new items are very interesting

In conclusion SEGA has truly made a really fun racing game that has a certain charm to it, keep working hard Sega, you"ve being doing nicely this last years!


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