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jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Review: Terraria.

In May 16th 2011 (Dead-Pool"s birthday by the way) a new indie game named Terraria came out, this way selled a lot and it became very popular both as a good game and as something diferent from all the other games, and how is this game?, lets find out.

The story: ...Yeah there is none, the only thing is that you have to defeat bosses and get a village full of
people so they can help you.

The Gameplay: This is the BIG element that surronds the game, as your character your objective is to grow stronger and stronger by mining, crafting, getting items, defeat enemies and having fun, you begin the game with a puny and pathetic copper sword, pickaxe and axe, the first idea is to get wood by destroying it with an axe, and remember this formula
-Pickaxe= almost everything.
-Axe= Wood in general.
-Hammer= Crystal Hearts and walls.
but as you go along you get ridiciously strong and you get all kinds of items and armor, let me explain.
-When you begin you find copper and make copper weapons and armor(THEY ARE PATHETIC)
-Then you get Iron and the iron weapons and armor are slightly better.
-Then you get silver and it actually is decent, doesnt make much damage but it looks cool
-And then suddenly GOLD!, unlike Minecraft the gold is actually useful, only problem is it looks goofy.
After getting some Gold you are going to need anvils and furnaces to craft everything you are going to need.

And then the bosses, well let me say this right now, this is one aspect of the game that terraria destroys Minecraft, there are a total of 7 bosses and 1 mini-boss, the weakest boss and the one you should target to kill first is "The Eye of Cthulhu" and if you dont have some silver or Gold armor and weapons you are going to get raped, next up is "The eater of worlds" and he is a giant purple worm, it really isnt that dificult.

When those bosses are killed you get some shadow ores and shadow scales, use them to create a Nightmare Pickaxe and Shadow armor, after this you have to get to the underground until you find...


Hell is full of monsters and a new ore called the Hellstone ore, use it to create the best things in the game, then you do some kind of ritual and fight the ultimate boss, Wall of Flesh, believe me this battle is tough but beating awards you with something, something that you must wait to know...

My personal favorite weapon.
But in terms of variety this game beats EVERYTHING, dont want to use a sword?, use a spear, dont want to use a spear?, use a Bow, dont want to use a Bow?, just use a Gun or a repeater, there are so many options, also in terms of accesorys and armors, theres armor that grants you defense, speed, attack, so many options!

But there is one other aspect that diferenciates itself from Minecraft aside from the 2D, the NPCs, if you make a house with the conditions applied, some NPCs can move to your village, this ranges from Nurses that heal you to Demolitionists that sell you dinamite and bombs, this is a really nice dinamic.

The Graphics:
The game looks nice and all, the art style is really nice and it just screams "Retro!" to me, it is something incredibly awesome.

The Music:
Well the music is OK, the main theme is enjoyable and the other themes inspire adventure and exploration.

The replay Value:
Unfortunately this is where Terraria falls flat on its face, after 1.1.2 Re-Logic gave up on terraria, not updating it anymore and that sucks, while the multiplayer is pretty fun and the variety is all right it doesnt have the same feeling of adventure that Minecraft has.

The Conclusion:
While Terraria is a fun experience overall, it lacks the elements that can make the game perfect and for that the game is only OK, if you have some friends to play with or just want to try something diferent, give it a shot.

A 7 means the game is pretty good, while not perfect the game is still enjoyable.


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