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sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Review: New Super Mario Bros 2

2006 a new 2D mario game came out to reinstall the plattforming 2D genre into Mario considering the last 
2D mario game was Super Mario Land 2 in 1992, and this game was called New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros proved to be an absolute success, it selled a lot and it proved that 2D Mario had a great shot at coming back in full force and so, New Super Mario Bros Wii came out in 2008, the first 2D console Mario Game since Super Mario World in 1990, again it was really good but it lacked some innovation, and so in 2012 a New 2D Mario game came out on the 3DS, This was New Super Mario Bros 2, and how is the game?, lets find out.

The story:

I dont want to spoil it but, THE STORY IS MUCH OF THE SAME AS THE LAST 2 GAMES!!!, well Peach says farewell to Mario and Luigi as they fly away with their racoon suits, suddenly the koopalings clash into the Mario Brothers and capture princess peach, AGAIN, thats all there really is to say, just beat 6 worlds and rescue her, the same story since the beginning.

The Gameplay:

This game controls just like the last 2D mario games, you have to complete 6 world and 2 secret worlds, each one with a boss in the end of the world, 7 of the are the Koopalings with the last one being the showdown with Bowser, however many powerups from New Super Mario Bros Wii were removed to enphasize into the new gimmick of this game: Coins, lots and lots of coins.

This game LOVES gold, there are all new gold items and powerups, like the Gold Ring that turns all enemies into gold, the gold block that you can hit with your head to equip it in your head, the gold flower that turns everything into gold, there are many more gold things and while the idea is interesting it isnt impemented very well.                                                                                And unfortunately the problems dont end here, New Super Mario Bros 2 just feels like is much of the same, and thats not always a bad thing but the "If aint broke dont fix it" doesnt work all that well here, the worlds have the same aesthetics and its just the same.
And the Fire flower, starman and Mini Mushroom return and surprisingly enough Racoon Mario"s back allowing you to fly just like in Super Mario Bros 3 and a new powerup has been added called the Gold Flower, this flower is godmode equivalent to 2D mario games, while it is incredibly rare it destroys EVERYTHING, also the mega mushroom is back and as overpowered as always. There is also a 2 player co-op that, while it is fun, the fact that it is offline only is kinda dissapointing. 
HOWEVER! there is, for the first time in a Nintendo game, DLC in america, this mode gives more level packs to the incredibly addictive and distracting coin rush, speaking of...

Another mode, the Coin Rush, challenges the player to collect the most coins they can in three randomly-selected levels through three different options. The Mushroom option will choose three levels from amongst Worlds 1, 2, and Mushroom; the Fire Flower option chooses three levels from amongst Worlds 3, 4, and Flower; and the Star option choose three levels from amongst Worlds 5, 6, and Star. In other words, Mushroom is the easy difficulty choice, Fire Flower is the medium choice, and Star is the hard choice.

The Graphics:

The game looks really nice, the backgrounds are OK but its nothing spectacular and 3D effect is just worthless because of all the action in screen.

The  Music:

Just remixes and some new things, nothing too special, but the music is still good.

The Replay Value:

The coin rush and the medal collecting make it very replayable and fun, the level design makes the levels a lot of fun to travel to and the coin rush is just so addicting it can make you go back A LOT.

The Conclusion:

-Sadly this is one of the few mario games without innovation, and while the game mechanics work well and its still really fun, we need innovation, it is replayable but im sorry to say that the new mechanics arent that cool and this game is my least favorite of the "New" series.

A 6 means the game can be enjoyable and fun but the mistakes are noticeable, try it out.

See ya later!

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