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domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

Retro Review: Donkey Kong 64

In 1999 a game made by RARE came out on the nintendo 64, this game was one of the last games made by RARE before microsoft purchased them, this game as a twist in gameplay and if was something unexpected, this game is Donkey Kong 64, what do I think about the game?, lets find out.



The story of DK64 takes place after DKC3, K.Rool returns with a gigantic artificial island and a powerful cannon named "Blast-O-matic" and wants to use to destroy DK island, however the island crashes into DK island and the cannon malfuctions, K.Rool then orders to capture "Diddy Kong", "Lanky Kong", "Cranky Kong" and "Tiny Kong", and steals all the Donkey Kong"s banana hoard, Squawks informs Donkey Kong of the disappearance of his hoard and the Kongs and then Donkey tells Cranky about what happened 
immediately afterwards. After entering Training Barrels under Cranky's command, he is given a potion: Simian Slam. Donkey is also told to 
acquire fifteen banana medals for a special surprise. Donkey then used his newly-acquired potion to exit the inside of Donkey Kong Island. 
Unfortunately, every other area outside was blocked, except for an island attached to K. Rool's mechanical island. There, Donkey met K. Lumsy, a gargantuan Kritter who disobeyed the tyrannical king's order to wreck havoc on Donkey Kong Island. When Donkey agreed to free him, K. Lumsy danced in joy and dislodged the boulder on Donkey Kong Island that blocked the first world: Jungle Japes, as Donkey Kong you have to get 25 Golden Bananas in 7 diferent worlds, 5 with each characters, you have to rescue the other kongs and use them to get more bananas and get 8 Keys to rescue K.Lumsy and unlocking levels on the way.


First level: Jungle Japes.
This game is awfully similar to Banjo-Kazooie, and thats not bad at all, as Donkey Kong you have to get 25 Golden Bananas in 7 diferent worlds, 5 with each characters,  each one has some special abilities that you buy through the game, for example Lanky Kong can handstand, and each character has his own stats:
-Donkey Kong is kinda slow but strong
-Diddy Kong is faster than Donkey Kong but weaker
-Lanky Kong is the balanced one, both speed and kinda fast
-Tiny Kong is the fastest and weakest
-Chunky Kong is the Strongest but slowest.
All 5 characters you control.
There are 8 diferent worlds each one with his own gimmick and powerups, 25 Golden bananas each world, and also you have to collect diferent colored bananas, 500 in each world and a 100 with each character, you need these bananas to open boss doors by feeding the bananas to a hungry hungry hippo and then you fight the boss, after you defeat a boss you get a K.Lumsy key, you have to get many upgrades through the levels:
-Candy Kong gives you a musical instrument and more health
-Funky Kong gives you a gun
-Cranky Kong gives you upgrades.

The engine used for the graphics reminds me a lot of Banjo Kazooie, the game looks amazing for the N64, everything is detailed and colorful, it is the first game to use the expansion pack and it definately shows.


The soundtrack is amazing, it gets you interested in playing the game and finding out whats going to happen, Jungle Japes is adventuorous and fun, angry aztec is interesting, Frantic Factory is creepy and weird, Gloomy Galleon is boring...,  Fungi Forest is light-hearted and adorable, Crystal Cavern is so natural and calmed, Creepy Castle is well... creepy, and boy, Hideout Helm is perfect for setting the mood for the final level and the overworld is really nice.

Replay Value:
Considering all the bananas and overall colectibles you can get, and how fun the game is, it is kinda replayable and fun to complete, the multiplayer is OK but its not perfect and it has some flaws.


Dk64 is a platformer that while it has some flaws, the game is fun to play and enjoy, if you have a N64 and you like platformers you should definately check it out.

An 8 means the game does a great job, is does many things right but it doesnt reach perfection.

See ya later!

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