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viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Opinion: Terraria vs Minecraft

Minecraft, all the people knows about it, but maybe you dont know Terraria, a very good games that in some aspects, DESTROYS MINECRAFT, lets check out...

Dead-Pool"s opinion:

For me, Minecraft still looking better than Terraria but like i said before, in some aspects Terraria DESTROYS MINECRAFT. Probably you are guessing what can be better in Terraria? First, the bosses, in Minecraft are only two bosses and they are not as difficult than Terraria ones, in Terraria are like 10 and they are very difficult and you have to had good armor and weapons like silver swords or gold swords. Second and finally, the variety, they are like 20 materials and like 20 weapons and armor, but, Why people(including me) prefer Minecraft? Because the online is such better than Terraria and there is a story, also the excitement when you find diamond or the Stronghold.

Conclusion: For me, Minecraft is better but i didnt said that Terraria is bad, anyway all based in the personal opinion.


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