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viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

Opinion: The future of SEGA.

Who doesnt love that awesome company known as SEGA?, Sega bringed us many awesome games and consoles like the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure , or the Genesis and Sonic 2, and we love many of their games, however things have been recently diferent as Sega will not stop making only Sonic games, what do i think of that?, lets find out.

Come on guys!
Well in terms of the Sonic games I think Sonic has really recovered since 2006 but i think Sega really needs to focus on all the IP"s it has, come on guys!, Jet Set Radio, House of the Dead, Panzer Dragoon, Skies of Arcadia, and many more, Sega truly has IP"s that need new games, not only Sonic even though Sonic has actually recovered and now he is just fine.


I really think Sega could benefit of making new games of old franchises, because both fans and people interested will really enjoy it, Sega is not the same company that bringed us the Genesis 20 years ago, and its their job to decide if thats a good thing or not.


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