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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

Review: Minecraft

In May 2009, a "cave game" began development in a try to make a sandbox game in which you will have to destroy many blocks and then gather them to build things, this game evolved during the way and nowadays in 2012 is it known as Minecraft 1.4, so how does it hold up as a pc game, a mobile game and a Xbox360 game?, lets find out.

Im helping too!(Deadpool), this is going to be a rare ocasion in which we are doing the review together!,
shall we begin?


Minecraft Review!

The story! has none
Dont mess with him, hes tough
well in terms of story the only thing is the ending, to get to the end and beat the powerful Enderdragon, to do this you have to go to many quests and collect object that you will need like blaze rods, ender pearls, Eye of Ender, Diamond, Obsidian, Iron and many more. Yeah... thats it.

The gameplay!
Creative mode item selection
This game has 2 diferent modes for now, Creative and Survival modes.

In creative mode you can build and make anything you want considering you have all the blocks in the game and they are infinite, you cant die or lose anything so if you like building you are going to enjoy this mode.

In survival mode things are much diferent....YOU HAVE TO DO ALL BY YOURSELF(if you are playing in your own world and not in a server).

"Not bad"
You have to do your things all by yourself, if you want a house, you have to build it with materials that you find out in your way to survive, also you have to eat because you have a energy bar which if gets to 0, your health will start to degenerate, if youre playing on hard mode you will die of hunger.
The game has a get X then use X to get Y and then use Y to get Z, you first make tools with wood which is pretty weak but then you get stone which is all right, then after a bit of mining you get Iron and the Iron tools are pretty cool, but then
That awesome moment when you find diamond...
diamond is just amazing, the Diamond Sword wrecks everything, the Diamond Pickaxe and Shovel break everything at lightspeed and its just so awesome to find diamond!

Crafting crafting table :

The first thing that you need to do to survive, is craft the famous Crafting table. You need 4 wooden planks to do it and when you have allready the crafting table, you can everything that you need to survive the nights like a Sword, Pickaxe(if you find Diamond you have to get a iron pickaxe), and lots more stuff.
Crafting furnace with 

Also, you need a furnace, you need 8 pieces of coblestone and a crafting table, you have to put the pieces of the coblestone like in the picture --------------->
With the furnace you can do your iron ores to iron bars, you also can cook your food and you can do windows to decorate your house, but to do all of this, you need a fuel like coal or wooden planks.

First person
Second person
In this game you can play in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person, you can change during you play.
Third person

And if you get bored of exploring, you can get a diamond pickaxe, find and get obsidian and go to the nether!(Which is escencially hell, full of mobs and mysterious things), you can find blazes who are important if you want to get to the end(literally)

After many things happen you"ll find your way to THE END!

Within the worlds you can create you will find prerendered places like ravines, NPC villages where you can trade, Jungles, Swamps, Snowy places and strongholds, home to the end portal...

Oh shi...
Full of Endermans(a really creepy mob), a gloomy atmosphere and just creepiness overall the end is a place where you will find fights so you better be prepared...
If you beat the enderdragon you will go through a last portal and read a beautiful poem that im not going to spoil.

Oh jeez, potions... yay...
What am i seeing?
Also there"s a Enchanting and Brewing system, the enchanting is ok but i dont like the fact that it is completely random and the Brewing is just boring and confusing.

The Graphics:
OK.., im going to say that i like the art style of the game, its just nice, people criticize the game for the graphics... and i have to ask how will you process a game with worlds that big and good graphics without slowdown or making the game archive gigantic?, but still, it could be at least a little better.

The Music:
Heh..., its relaxing i guess but not really memorable.

The replay Value:
Oh geez, the replay value is amazing, playing with friends is really fun, you can do many diferent things and its just so much fun, its amazing how much fun exploration and servers can be!

If you have the money, buy this game, you will enjoy, its amazing in terms of everything and only has a few weak spots.

                                       A 9 means the game excells at every single possible angle and it deserves your money.
See ya later!
-Peabody and Dead-Pool


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