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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Review: Kid Icarus Uprising

After 25 years of the release of Kid Icarus of the NES, Pit strikes back with a new game on the 3DS, when this game was announced i became very interested in the game and bought it a few weeks after release, so how is the game? Let"s find out.


Released 28/03/12

The story!:
After 25 years, Medusa(the queen of the underworld) gets resurrected and starts attacking humanity once again, you control Pit once again as all sorts of enemies from the underworld, as you come along the way you will meet along the way like Princess Bubblegu- I mean Viridi the goddess of nature, Magnus(A human mercenary), Poseidon the god of seas and the "sun god" Pyhrron just to name a few, The dialog in this game is amazing for a nintendo game, it makes fun of videogame cliches and the genre in general.


The gameplay!:
The flying section of a chapter
In each chapter you control pit in two diferent areas(with 2 exceptions), first an aerial on rails section in which you have to shoot as many enemies as possible.

In the other section you control Pit on land and the game suddenly takes
a turn on exploration, you have to progress to a level while dodging and
then at the end you fight a boss.
The land section of a chapter.

But with a shooting game comes many weapons and kid icarus certainly
has this area covered, There are 9 diferent weapon types:
-Palm,Blade,Bow, Staff, Club, Cannon, Claws, Orbitars and arms.
I personally like more the Blades, Claws and Bows but the staffs and the palms are not so bad either.

You can also use buffs that you can equip and then use in a land battle, this buffs
can go from a Power barrier, an armor that absorbs the damage, the risky buff known
as trade-off, or maybe even a LAZOR!
Buff"s menu.

Intensity Menu.
There is also an intesity feature, before each level the game will ask you in which intensity you will like to play, 2.0 being the standard and 9.0 being ridiculously hard, however ,if you want to play a harder intensity you need to bet hearts(Which is this game currency) and if you win you get better buffs, weapons and even more hearts.

There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can fight in two diferent modes. Free for all and Light vs Dark, Free for all is agaisnt 5 other people or Light vs Dark which a 3vs3 deathmatch, you can win Buffs and Weapons.

The music!:

Music is also really nice and it works for making you anxious for the boss fight, special mention to Dark Pit"s aerial and land battle theme, magnus theme and the final boss battle music

The music itself has really great quality, also, keep listening while reading the review, this song is amazing.
Viridi"s solo menu is really relaxing and chill.

The graphics!:
The game looks really nice for a nintendo 3DS game but sometimes the backgrounds are a bit lazy, and i love the design of the weapons, specially the Palutena Bow, aquarius blade and the Dark pit"s staff.

The Replay Value!:
This is one of the few games that i actually really enjoy completing over and over again because of the dialog and just overall the fun one has with this game, the multiplayer is also really fun and the checklist collection can be entretaining.

Kid Icarus Uprising did a perfect job in terms of innovation, for a first time, i actually laughed a lot in a nintendo game thanks to the awesome voice acting, the game is a joy to play and repeat because of the fun gameplay, the smooth graphics and the overall quality of the game, while the camera can be sometimes itchy and the running system is not very good, i reccomend this to everyone that has a 3DS, you will enjoy it.

                      A 9 means the game excells at every single possible angle and it deserves your money

See you in the Sonic 3 and Knuckles retro review, oh boy...



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