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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Retro Review:Mega man X

I dont like this game...

After 6 games of the old stuff, people started losing the interest on mega man, with the 5th and 6th games being not that innovative, so capcom decided to release a game that will destroy all perspectives and use 16-bit power with the help of the SUPER NINTENDO!!!!


The Story: This game takes place 100 years after the original mega man games took place, A human archaeologist named Dr. Cain discovers the ruins of a robotics research facility that had once been operated by the legendary robot designer Dr. Thomas Light Among the ruins, Cain finds a large capsule which contains a highly advanced robot with human-level intelligence and emotions called Megaman X, he develops a new kinds of robot based on X called Reploids who eventually start being mass-produced, but some start to go crazy and go Maverick, Cain then makes an elite police called "Maverick Hunters" and their leader is a powerful reploid called Sigma, after a while he goes maverick and most of the hunters also go maverick and declares to destroy humanity, so X and Zero (The only hunters left) go to hunt Sigma and the other mavericks. Story is pretty good for a super nintendo game and it is actually even more developed in the remake for the psp.

The Gameplay:
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At the beginning of the game X controls like the original Mega man with 1 diference, you can wall-jump, it truly changes the gameplay in terms of level design giving tons of exploration, after you beat the intro stage you can choose between 8 stages, each one with a maverick to beat and when you beat them you get a new attack, these mavericks are:
-Storm Eagle
-Boomer Kuwanger
-Chill penguin
-Launch Octopus
-Armored Armadillo
-Spark Mandrill
-Sting Chamaleon
-Flame Mammoth
Within the levels you will diferent upgrades that will make 
Without armor
you stronger and more powerful than before, like heart tanks, sub-tanks and most importantly, armor pieces
With all the armor
You can find armor pieces that give all new abilities, 4 parts, Head Part, Body Part, Arm Part, Leg Part.
The Head Part lets you destroy blocks with your head (Mario will be proud)
The body part reduces the damage by 50%
The Arm part lets you charge the special weapons and charge your X-Buster even more.
The leg part lets you dash, and thats one of the main diferences from the original games, the dash lets you go faster and mixed with the wall-jump things are even faster.
After beating all the mavericks you can go to Sigma"s base and fight him(not before a series of levels and boss fights).
Look at that background!

The graphics!:
The game looks really nice for the Super nintendo, the backgrounds and the sprites look well designed and pretty cool.

The music:
The soundtrack is really good, the music is relaxing and its fun to listen to the songs, Storm eagle and the boss fight theme are my favorite but all the music is good overall.

The replay value!:
The game is so fun that it can replayed a lot, not as much as other X games but its still really fun.

Mega Man X is a game that you should try, maybe its kinda old but its still really fun, while the future X games will improve the formula and try new things, this one deserves a shot, it doesnt matter if its the PSP remake or the original, try it out.

An 8 means the game does a great job and the mistakes are not that noticeable.

See ya later!!!


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