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jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Peabody"s top ten N64 games

Welcome to the first top ten in this blog!, the nintendo 64 was one of the most revolutionary and fun consoles in the history of videogames.
And with a good console come some good games, and here is the top ten of my favorite

Number 10:

After the success of Super mario bros, it was only natural Mario got some party games for all family to have fun, the first mario party was really fun but it lacked content, so what goes in the number 10 spot, mario party 2 or 3?


Number 10: Mario Party 2/Mario Party 3.
-It was really hard to pick one for me, as i love mario party 2 a lot but in terms of content mario party 3 outdone itself with duel 1vs1 mode, a storyline that was nice and really fun minigames.
-At the other side of the coin Mario Party 2 had amazing minigames and boards with really fun gimmicks, this games are always available for you to pick up and have fun with friends.

Number 9:


After 5 years of success, the Super nintendo was on its last stand, and time had arrived for a new console to arrive, this console(The nintendo 64) was released with 2 games, Pilotwings 64 and...

Number 9:Super Mario 64.

I know this is one of the best games of all time, it changed the 3D genre
forever and it has one of the best soundtracks i have ever seen, the gameplay hasn"t aged that well but its still fun and the only thing that makes the experience shorter is the lack of multiplayer which has nothing to do but its always nice to have.

Number 8:

Rareware had been alongside nintendo since the super nintendo days and with a new nintendo system on the way, rareware prepared some new innovative games to impress the public, one of them was...

BANJO KAZOOIE!!!(The flame shield is still activated, don"t even bother)

Number 8:Banjo Kazooie.

One of my favorite games of all time, Banjo Kazooie has an amazing overworld, many things to do and an epic scavenger hunt for jiggies, the game dominates the exploration and its lots of fun, while the sequel improved many things, this is a very enjoyable game.

Number 7:

After the amazing success of Super Mario RPG, i bet everyone was waiting for a new mario RPG game, and you technically got it, but it was incredibly diferent, AND IT WAS BETTER!!!


Number 7:Paper Mario.

I love this game so much not because its a Mario RPG, i love it because its a GOOD mario RPG, the partner system is awesome, the battle mechanics are fun, the soundtrack is good, while it can be kinda short the story and humor make up for it, please, BUY THIS GAME.

Number 6:

In 2001, N64 was starting to lose lifespan and was slowly dying, and one of the last main games released in this year was...

Number 6:Perfect Dark.

I can honestly hear people saying Goldeneye is better than this, NO ITS NOT, this game has almost all the goldeneye weapons and some of the goldeneye maps, it has a really good story and campaing full of missions and objectives, the variety of weapons is amazing and the game itself is really fun.

WARNING:From this point on every game i absolutely adore and enjoy so if you want consider them all number 1, ready?, let"s go.

Number 5:
You know?,just 3 words.


Number 5:Super Smash Bros.

This game is just a joy to play, its so fun to beat every single nintendo star with a lightsaber, the characters are perfect, the multiplayer and the singleplayer are both amazingly fun and the battles itself are incredibly fun, check out any game in this series, you will not be disapointed.

Number 4:
Before rare"s downfall, rareware released many amazing games that deserved respect, their last stand is considered to be...


Number 4:Conker"s bad fur day.

I actually enjoy this game more than a lot of people, the story is fun and full of funny and surprising moments, the music is good and the overworld is allright, but the reason i love this game and why it is in the number 4 spot is the multiplayer, its full of different modes and options so you can have fun with your friends.

Number 3:
With every single game making the 3D jump, a new game came out in 1998 to revolution the 3D games,this series had good games before, but this one changed everything,  this game is...


Number 3:The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time.

I honestly doubt there is any way to explain why this game is so good, but i can try, the story is surprising and amazing, the gameplay is perfect with many object and a good sword control, the characters develop and the game makes you care about them, the soundtrack is perfect and everything revolutionized the 3D genre.

Number 2:
After the espectacular success of Ocarina of time fans were demanding for a new sequel that expanded over Ocarina Of Time what we got instead was a completely different game, and my god that game"s good!.


Number 2:The legend of Zelda:Majora"s mask

This game perfected ocarina, the imersion factor was incredibly improved, you can feel the end coming and how everyone is going to die, the temples are memorable and the sidequest really bring you inside the game, the mask system is incredibly fun and anyone should play this game, its the most immersive game i"ve ever played.

The question is, what can top this amazing game?

After Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, rareware was working on a game that would revolution the platforming genre, it took them many tries with some being better than others, but at the end of the N64 lifespan a shining light appeared, this is...


Number 1:Banjo Tooie.

Honestly, what can i say about this game?, Banjo Tooie does something a lots of series just cant do, be a good sequel, its not like metroid or sonic, every single upgrade in banjo-kazooie is here and the gameplay improves itself with this and more abilities, the game is HUGE and it has lots of things to do, there are many fun worlds and sections to play and adventure in, the multiplayer is also nice and it knows how to entretain you, the story is wtty and makes you of itself, if you have a Nintendo 64, BUY THIS GAME!.

Now this is over, what top 10 will you like to see, comment and i"ll decide!

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