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martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Impressions: Wii U

I think we all remember the hype when the mysterious "Revolution"(Wii) was revealed, people was hyped, nintendo was ready to sell a new revolutionary console(no pun intended) and things were going amazing to nintendo.
Now we are living the hype once again with the
Wii U, what do we think about it?, lets find out.

Dead-Pool"s Impressions:

The first thing i see interesting was the Wii U game pad, the first looking of this control was pretty good and when Nintendo said that you can also play in the gamepad with no TV on.

The first games that i see was the new Mario bros. game New super mario U, this game look very cool and you can get really fun game because is Mario game, who dont like a mario game?, but the story got the same trama of all Mario plataforms games, save the princess peach, AGAIN..... but is good, the story is the thing that makes a game a good game. Another game is ZOMBI U, a survival horror that his playability is like Dead Island game and that"s was a very good, BUT...

we got a lot of good expectative of this game but finally didnt was like we expected but anyway this is the only zombie game on Wii U console and if you want a game of zombies, buy this game and get fun with. When i get my Wii U im going to buy this game probably... and

In general the Wii U is going to revolutionize Nintendo and the world.

Peabody"s Impressions:

The game pad idea was nice and diferent, but the control just feels a little awkward because its ridicously big but the gameplay will improve in many multiplayer ways thanks to this.

All right, the games, nintendo land looks like a really nice distraction and amazingly fun to play with friend, it seems enjoyable and the minigames are really fun and nostalgic but the single-player doesnt look that solid to me, however the fact that nintendo land is shipped with the Deluxe Wii U pack makes it an instant game to have with your Wii U!

Scribblenauts Unlimited ironically is the game that calls my interest more than any other game on the Wii U, the fact that you can create objects and summon Zelda and Mario items is amazing and the multiplayer idea is really interesting and a story mode seems innovative for a scribblenauts game.

New Super Mario Bros U seems like an OK game but the 2D Mario idea seems repetitive, but its all right if it has multiplayer, specially if the 5th player is a troll, it seems like fun and the Flying Squirrel Suit is so ridiculous its funny.

Zombi U does not call my interest and i can buy all the other games on my xbox so meh.

im interested in the Wii U but ill wait a bit until I buy it, it calls my antention.

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